NewSoftSerial 6

Ladyada tested NewSoftSerial and made some improvements to the code, contributed a “goodnight moon” sketch, and tested the library (successfully) with the Atmega328p processor. Thanks, ladyada! Go buy a bunch of processors from her, please. They give you twice the RAM and nearly twice the flash space.

I posted the new library.

goodnight moon. goodnight cow jumping over the moon. goodnight light and the red balloon. goodnight bears. goodnight chairs…


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  1. Derek says:


    Thanks for developing NSS! I discovered it when I learned the limitations of the built in SoftwareSerial library.

    I’m using it to read serial data from a maxbotix maxsonar sensor. This sensor is a little funny in that it outputs 0-5V RS-232 data. In theory you should be able to hook it up to a PC’s serial port and the PC can read the data. This may be great for a PC, but it stinks if you are trying to read it from an arduino!

    I took your code and added a parameter to allow me to optionally invert the data. Some PIC C compilers have this option. I’d be happy to share the code with you. If interested, let me know and I’ll send you what I have.

    Thanks again for your work!

  2. Mikal says:

    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    There have been a couple of people interested in an inverting option. Please do post your code here if you want. I would be most interested to take a look.


  3. Derek says:

    Hi Mikal,

    I’m not sure how well posting the code will work here. Email me your address (you should have it from this post) and I’ll send it to you.


  4. Kylie Batt says:

    Нормально сочиняет…

    менеджер по продажам …goodnight moon. […….

  5. kenneth says:


    сэнкс за инфу :|

  6. oscar says:


    tnx for info :mad:

  7. arturo says:


    tnx for info :(

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